Nebraska Young Democrats
PO Box 5011
Lincoln, NE 68505
The Nebraska Young Democrats is the youth caucus of the Nebraska Democratic Party, and is chartered with the Young Democrats of America. Membership is open to Nebraska Democrats between the ages of 13 and 35.Our mission is to reach out to youth and empower them to be active members of the Democratic Party. We strive to give Young Democrats a voice by presenting a positive, progressive vision for our democracy. We understand the importance of politics and work each day to inspire new levels of participation and civic commitment in Young Democrats across the state.For the past five years, the Nebraska Young Democrats has grown exponentially behind the leadership of past Presidents Kyle Michaelis, Heath Mello, Ian Russell, Danielle Nantkes, Jessica Rathbun, and Chad Brakhahn. With membership reaching all corners of Nebraska, we truly are a statewide political force with almost limitless potential.

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